About the Book

First Habits Win

First Habits Win is the story of how a father learned from his own mistakes and created a system to educate his daughters to manage income, expenses, debt, and savings. The book goes well beyond textbook education as the author explains a very practical and hands-on training system for children, giving them real money to plan and pay expenses, save, and give to charities of their choice.

The author also details his own mistakes and how he built the system to specifically teach his daughters the lessons he, and so many of us have, had to learn the hard way. He also shares stories of situations their family faced and how they dealt with each of them.

And finally, the author reflects on what he would change if he were starting this system with his children today. Including identifying your child’s “Money Personality” and then tailoring the system to the needs of those specific personality traits. And, identifying your own “Money Mindset” and understanding how your beliefs about money can impact your children’s financial wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

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